5 Simple Lifestyle Swaps to Improve Egg Quality

Jan 28 | Fertility | 1564 Views

Egg health is crucial for fertility. A lot of what you’re doing for preconception care is to not only to help balance your hormones and prepare your body for pregnancy, but it’s also all about improving the quality of that one egg that will be released.

The crazy part about egg quality, is it’s not just about the health of that egg. That egg is going to become a baby, who will eventually have babies. The health of that egg is going to impact the health of your grandchildren.

How wild is that?

There are SO many things you can do to give that little egg all the nourishment it needs to thrive. If we went through the internet and research and wrote everything down we could probably create a 10 page e-book.

So lets make things a bit more simple.

Here are our top 5 recommendations you can start TODAY to impact your egg health.


Seems so basic, but way too many of us are walking around dehydrated. Our circulatory system needs water to function properly and maintain good blood flow to the pelvis. Water also helps keeps our bowels moving regularly and flushes out toxins that may be impacting egg quality.

10 min meditation or journalling exercise

Stress has a huge impact on our egg quality, as well as basically every other bodily function and system we have. Start with just commiting to 10 minutes of daily stress reduction. That might look like a quick meditation, deep breathing exercises, stretching, journalling, or simply laying down and resting for 10 minutes. If you feel like your stress is regularly higher than a 5/10, it may be an area you want to spend more attention improving on if you’re TTC.

Get out for a walk or do a 15 min yoga video

Exercises has huge health benefits, but when it comes to fertility it’s important for a number of reasons. Exercise works much like water in the sense that it keeps our digestion and liver detoxification working top notch. It also is a natural stress reducer and mood enhancer. It doesn’t need to be anything grand, just get out for a walk around the block or look up a 15 minute yoga video on youtube. Start small and work towards bigger goals as you get comfortable.

Swap your plastic for glass

Endocrine disrupting chemicals – if you aren’t sure what we mean by that check out The Environmental Working Group – are a huge source of hormone disruption. You’ll want to check your personal care products, cleaning products, and household items for things that may be exposing you to estrogens and throwing off your hormonal balance. To start, an easy swap is food storage. Invest in glass containers and ditch the plastic when you’re storing your leftovers. At the very least, never heat your food in plastic containers.

Eat 5 servings of veggies

5 servings of veggies may sound like a lot. In reality we’d like you eating more, but this blog post is about small, obtainable goals that you can start doing now. 1 serving is equal to ½ cup cooked or 1 cup raw. So a nice big salad can easily get you 3-4 servings of veggies in one sitting. The antioxidants found in veggies are great for egg quality.

These are our top 5 – though we could make you a list of 50 things to start doing. Let’s just focus on what you can do now.

To make things even easier, we’ve created this handy checklist that you can put on the fridge and track your progress each week with these habits.

Click here to download your healthy habits checklist.

Remember if you’re ready to get some answers when it comes to your fertility, you can book a free discovery call with a Hormone Health Associate today.