Having difficulty starting your family is, unfortunately, not an uncommon experience. 1 in 10 couples experience trouble conceiving when they decide to start trying to get pregnant. The struggle can be confusing, lonely, stressful and can take a big toll on your daily life, relationships and mental health.

It’s important to know that you don’t need to face this challenge alone.

Often times women aren’t sent for further evaluation until 12 months of actively trying to conceive. Here at HHA Fertility, we believe you don’t need to wait a year for answers.

You will meet virtually with our HHA Fertility Associate, who will do a full health assessment and prepare an individualized conception plan for you and your spouse.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, if you’re just starting out or planning an IUI/IVF cycle, HHA Fertility can help improve your chances of conceiving and promote a healthy pregnancy ahead.

Why work with HHA

  • Our curated step-by-step systemgets you on the path to optimal fertility without any surprises. You know exactly what to expect at every appointment with each member of your HHA team
  • We offer comprehensive functional lab testing to have a full preconception assessment of your hormones and other factors potentially impacting your ability to conceive.
  • Comprehensive health history intake both through our personalized check lists and 1-on-1 appointments..
  • Personal nutrition consulting, meal planning, grocery lists and cookbooks are all included in your fees. We believe nutrition and lifestyle are the foundations to good hormonal health and we provide you with all the information you need to prepare your body for pregnancy.
  • After reviewing your health history and lab testing, we formulate a custom treatment plan and walk you through the process step-by-step.
  • Individualized supplementsmailed right to your door – no more annoying trips to multiple health food stores trying to find exactly what you need. We take care of everything

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After seeing hundreds of women in private practice with hormonal concerns, we, the founders of HHA, Dr. Duncan and Dr. Eleveld realized there was a better way to help. We needed to develop a system that gave women the results they desire, in an individualized manner, while also being able to remain their number one cheerleaders throughout the process. Our no-surprise approach to health means you get your appointment schedule, checklists, lab work, and refills all ahead of time. There’s no guesswork when it comes your visits.


You click the button to start your application and you will be directed to our comprehensive application form. This helps us decide if we are a right fit for your needs, and if not, we will refer you to an appropriate practitioner in your area.

Your application is reviewed by the HHA team and passed along to the best practitioner for your specific concerns. Our clinic coordinator will be contacting you to set up your initial appointment and walk you through the process so all your questions are answered ahead of time.

At your appointment time, you will login to your unique Zoom link and meet your Hormone Health Associate. She will spend 45-minutes going through a thorough health history and reviewing the forms you filled out previously to ensure nothing was missed.

At the end of your appointment, your Hormone Health Associate will walk you through any lab work that has been ordered, and set up your follow up schedule for the year.

Once lab results are received, you will have your first follow up with your Hormone Health Associate where you will review your lab work and get your personalized treatment plan.

You will follow up with your Hormone Health Associate according to the schedule that best suits your health journey and tweak your treatment plan as needed, or follow up on any lab work as needed.

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Yes. You will receive a bill via email at the end of each appointment with the service fee that you can claim on your extended health care benefits to be reimbursed.

Yes. You will receive a bill via email at the end of each appointment with the service fee that you can claim on your extended health care benefits to be reimbursed.