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Hormone Health Associates focuses on helping women navigate major
hormonal events, including fertility, perimenopause and menopause




We aim to provide our patients with state of the art complementary medical care to ensure all women in Southern Ontario can enjoy their lives with abundant energy, balanced mood and not be held back by their hormones. You can expect comprehensive testing, top quality products and a systemized approach that takes you step by step to your health goals.

What we do

Your team at HHA is comprised of compassionate, educated, and research driven practitioners in complimentary medicine to support women's health. We love seeing you excited to feel normal or breaking free from your infertility label. Hormonal imbalance is not something you need to live with, and with proper care you can start your family or live the best version of your yourself through perimenopause and menopause.


Download your complimentary 5-day hormone balancing meal plan to boost your energy, lose weight and get you back on track during perimenopause.


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Thorough Functional Lab Testing

By using comprehensive and cutting edge lab testing, we help you get the answers to your health concerns you have been searching for. We believe in getting down to the root cause of your hormone imbalance.

Comprehensive Initial Assessment

Your concerns will be thoroughly investigated during your initial visit with one of our hormone health associates. She will gather information about your symptoms as well as dive into your health on a multitude to levels, such as your sleep, mood, stress, diet, period and hot flashes etc. We know first hand how it feels to not be heard in the doctor’s office, so we give you the attention you deserve.

Step by Step System

Your team at HHA have dedicated their careers to being fully immersed in the world of hormonal health and BHRT treatments during perimenopause and menopause. Through this intensive training, they have developed a step-by-step team approach to patient care. Each patient will have access to our team of elite experts including their personal Naturopathic Doctor hand selected for them based on their application, our clinical assistant to help complete checklists, physical exams and ask questions regarding lab tests, and our holistic nutritionist. Hormonal health in perimenopause and menopause can be a moving target and our Hormone Health Associate’s are here to guide you through the steps to maintain your balance and quality of life.

Nutritional Consulting and Meal Planning

Proper diet and nutrition is essential for achieving hormone balance, which is why we believe access to a Registered Holistic Nutritionist is a game changer for our patients. She offers a thorough assessment of what nutrients your body needs to thrive and will set you up with an easy to follow weekly meal plan. By holding you accountable and taking the stress out of meal planning you can reach your goals.

Weight Loss Programs

If you want to really take your health and goals to the next level, our Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctors have teamed up to develop a program that will have you releasing the weight you’ve been holding on to for far too long. We believe the key to success is accountability – so during this program you will have weekly check ins with our clinical assistant, your Naturopathic Doctor, and your Registered Holistic Nutritionist to ensure you are supported and reaching your goals.

Customized Supplement Program

Are you one of those people who have a cupboard full of supplements that you are not sure you should be taking or even why you started in the first place? Your Naturopathic Doctor will use all the information gathered during your initial intake as well as your lab results to compile an evidenced-based supplement program for your specific hormone health needs.

Individualized Hormone Plans

After assessment of your comprehensive hormone testing, your Naturopathic Doctor will prescribe the appropriate Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) if necessary to bring you back to hormonal balance. Your ND will walk you through your BHRT protocol so you leave feeling comfortable and confident with your treatment plan and all your question answered.

Online Community and Education

We invite you to join us in our online community so you can gain further support from Live Q&As with the HHA Team, as well as find accountability and support from other patients like you. We often hear our patients say they feel alone or they ask “is this normal?”, which is why we not only wanted to build HHA but also a community of women for you to be apart of who completely understand your journey. (join our team)


  • “Dr. Eleveld and Dr. Duncan are compassionate and comprehensive Naturopathic Doctors, who genuinely care about their patients. They have worked to become highly knowledgable in women’s hormone health and I have witnessed the improvements they achieve in practice. I am proud to call them my colleagues.”

    - Dr. Alaina Gair ND
  • “Dr. Duncan is very dedicated and compassionate to ensuring her patients are cared for. She goes above and beyond to help her fertility patients succeed. It’s always great to collaborate with other like-minded ND’s who focus on fertility care”

    - Dr. Samina Mitha ND
  • “I work along side Dr. Kelsey Duncan and Dr. Harmonie Eleveld and value their knowledge as we collaboratively work together to help our patients with gut health, fertility and pregnancy. Their attention to detail in blood work and testing as well as knowledge of supplements have helped many of our clients improve their symptoms, become pregnant, and have safe pregnancies and deliveries!”

    - Danielle Henry DOMP, RMT, RKin


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